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Connecting you to Heart,Truth and Meaning for Immediate and Permanent Results.

Are you ready to transform ?

Soul Knows

Are you willing to welcome significant change, in the least amount of time?

Are you ready to experience immediate and long lasting results? 

Do you aspire to invoke, and design the life you dream about?. 

Do you know that awakening a "Soul/ Personality communication intercom", builds a kind, loving and grateful attitude, to living more joyfully ?

I want you to know that I can facilitate your transformation one step at a time and each step will be clearly felt and lived by you, as an improved version of yourself.

I will support you, re-member who you esentially are, and gain power over manifesting your aspirations.Coaching you to become attuned to the high frequency of Loving Understanding, to be free from all those past imprints that are holding you back. 

Working together, will help you live in harmony and Integrity with greaterJoy, Truth, Beauty, Love, Clear Communication and Freedom.  

I have a tool box filled with resources ready to share with you. 

Tool Box

Transformational Kinesiology (TK) accesses the hidden information and negative beliefs that are blocking the radiance, love, beauty and clarity of Soul in the expression of Being. 

The use of a delicate muscle/ energy testing bio feed-back modality helps identify blockages in the physical, emotional or mental parts of oneself, which compromise vitality and wellbeing This process assures reliability, making it seamless and complete. Body wise animated by Soul. 

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In my tool box, I also have forty years of experience as an astrologer. While I consider Astrology a very valuable tool for life navigation and growth,  my practice of Astrology intermingles with kinesiology in a very unique way. Astro-K is my own creation. A fusion of Astrology and Kinesiology, providing just the right amount of information, with  a personalized transformation. 

My tool box includes training as a group leader of IANDS on the subject of death and the journey beyond. I consider this information extremely valuable for living life with no fear of death. 

I would be pleased and joyful to share with you or any group, large or small, my insights on the subject.

I offer workshops and Certification trainings inTransformational Kinesiology  Astro-K and Esalen Massage in USA, Argentina and Spain.

Through the training offered at the Life Resonance institute in Switzerland, I learned that scars have a mind of their own. I am trained to release not only the appearance of them but also the hold they have on your psyche.

I use the Life Resonance Technology,  of energy calibrating tools and creams loaded with bio information. Please visit

I recognize that all those gifts inside my tool box, are my offerings to you, and to the world. Thank you for visiting my home page ! 

Are you ready, willing and able to take a leap to greater Joy?

I offer sessions in person or by phone to individuals and couples, by appointment only. Group and family sessions are also available by request. Each session is unique in itself, like a Pearl. A stepping stone to progressive personal growth and evolution, a gradual elevation and expansion of Consciousness.

For Astrology and Astro-K sessions I will request you send me your birth information during your booking. Date, time and place of Birth along with current residence. I will be casting the pertinent charts, which I would send you before hand if session is by phone.

If you require spiritual counseling, after a death of a love one, divorce, loss of any kind or information on NDE 's or ADC's, please don't hesitate to contact me.



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prices are in US dollars . Argentinian prices are in pesos 1200$- 1500$

Menu of Services

Please bring confortable clothes to the session.

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You can also book sessions with me at the Esalen Institute when it re opens September 2017        1+831 667 3005

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